Ben Rock Bio


While still in college, Ben began working as a special effects makeup artist and in the art department on independent and commercial productions in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Alabama while simultaneously working on a lot of small, fun local theater projects for free. After college, he made the move into directing, mostly microbudget commercial projects on 16mm and Super-8 film.

in 1996 and 1997, his regional work won him two Addy’s, awards for excellence in advertising. More regional advertising and PSA work followed. And then...

In 1997, Ben was asked to join the five-man production team that would make The Blair Witch Project.  Taking the title of Production Designer, he worked collaboratively to help create an improvisational atmosphere for the landmark film.  In addition to creating much of the backstory of the Blair Witch (which became the content of the website), he created the iconic “stickman” symbol that was used to market the film. Shortly before the film was released, the creative team brought him back to write Curse of the Blair Witch, an hour-long SyFy special presented as a television documentary about the "real" story.

After the release of Blair Witch, Artisan Entertainment tapped Ben to write, produce, and direct The Burkittsville 7 for Showtime and Shadow of the Blair Witch for SyFy, television specials to complement the original movie.

In 2004, Ben and his producing Partner Matt Compton formed Visible Man Productions, LLC to focus on special projects which tend to walk the line between content and advertising.  In 2004 he wrote and directed the mock-documentary The BPRD Declassified for Sony and Revolution Studios to market the  release of Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy. It aired in prime time on FX, and in 2005 he directed a series of award-winning webisodes produced for Audi’s The Art of the Heist campaign promoting the release of the Audi A3.  

Working with Carlos Bernard and Keith Hudson on the set of "Alien Raiders"

For 9 years, Ben and Visible Man created branded content, found footage, fake commercials, subversive advertising, and webisodes - often for visionary agency Campfire - for a variety of transmedia projects including The 4400  (USA Networks), True Blood  (HBO),  The Colony  (Discovery), Homefront  (THQ), The Ruins  (Paramount Pictures), and John Lithgow: Stories By Heart . 

And in 2009, he directed the critically-acclaimed sci-fi/horror film Alien Raiders  for Warner Brothers and indie genre label Raw Feed. In 2016 Future Boyfriend,  a sci-fi romantic comedy Ben directed and edited was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Today he continues his film and theater  passion, directing plays including Baal by Bertoldt Brecht, Richard III by William Shakespeare,  and Occupation  by Ken Ferrigni, and Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan adapted by Stuart Gordon as well as serving for two seasons as co-artistic director for the Sacred Fools Theater Company in Hollywood. He's currently working with writer Bob DeRosa and producer Cat Pasciak on a horror/comedy web series called 20 Seconds to Live. Check it out!